2018 IT GovernanceIT Governance: Policies & Procedures

IT Governance Policies & Procedures will help you to devise an information systems policy and procedure program uniquely tailored to the needs of your organization. Not only does it provide sample policies, but this valuable resource gives you the information you need to develop useful and effective policies for your unique environment. For fingertip access to the information you need on policy and planning, documentation, systems analysis and design, and much more, the materials in this ready-reference desk manual can be used by you or your staff as models or templates to create similar documents for your own organization.

Highlights of the 2018 Edition include:

  • New chapter on Information Security, which discusses the following:
    • Addressing the drone threat to information security
    • How to engage a cyber security investigator to prosecute a hacker
    • Is ISO security certification right for your company?
    • How to defend against social engineering
    • New and updated security policies on incident response, acceptable use, social engineering and data protection
    • Security threats posed by cell phone cameras
  • Over 70 IT policies that you can use right away to better govern your IT processes
  • Updated and expanded chapter on Cloud Computing which covers the following:
    • New policies governing the use of cloud services
    • Using the cloud for a disaster recovery hot site
    • Security issues with cloud computing
    • Third-party certification of cloud service providers
  • The types of systems that benefit from DevOps and those that do not
  • Detailed policy on User Authentication Management
  • An updated glossary with the latest IT and business terms
  • Actual sample policies on the enclosed CD that you can modify for your own use to enforce proper governance of IT within your organization
  • New and updated worksheets available online you can use for planning and documentation of your critical processes
  • Proposal templates, checklists, tally sheets, worksheets, tables, logs, questionnaires, and agreements for quick reference and adaptation to your particular needs

This book can be purchased from the publisher here or at Amazon.